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A muzza is a young male, usually of southern European decent (even though they’ve never been there), that are born and raised Melbournians. Living in middle-class western and northern suburbs they are depicted by their cars..
Usually canary yellow VL turbos (often built by the Rajabs), VN 5 litre’s, VQ Statesmans or the R33 Skyline..
Baseball caps are constantly worn alongside hair product, but to make sure they dont wreck their hair the caps sit on top of their hair (and away from the fringe). Bum-bags are a must to hold all your mobile phones (one for the bros, and one for the hoes), and also some change to spend at maccas.
They walk like they’re trying to immitate a scarecrow, or like they’re holding a bucket of water in each hand (with a subtle swaying motion) This is often a result of going to the gym once or twice and thinking your lats are so huge you cant put your arms straight down your side.
As soon as there’s any drizzle outside muzzas call all their bros and go do some demos in your cars.. ripping it up in the wet is considered “free demos” because it doesnt bald your tires as much.
Muzzas are often highschool dropouts currently doing apprentiships, with every cent they earn going towards their cars (mostly on tires and petrol), and they end up wondering why all their bros who went to uni end up driving mercs and picking up chicks while they stick to their teeny bopper marias (which are the 13-16yr old female equivalent of a muzza) who are the only chicks who go for these guys.
Common hangouts are Bell St maccas, or any other Hungry Jacks 24hour store carpark, but the most common place (which is guarenteed to give you some pure muzzas) has got to be Chapel Street on Friday and Saturday nights. Doing constant and repetitious laps of this popular shopping strip is a must, and ensures many hours of sitting in traffic at 3am on a Saturday morning.
Heading from Bell St maccas, headin to do some “Chap Laps” at 2am on a Friday, pumpin some hard tracks. Or at Williamstown beach sitting on the foreshore, in front of their cars, checkin out the chicks..
muzza: define #2
Closely associated with the Large-Haired Maria, the Muzza is a creature most often seen in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Despite common preconceptions, the Muzza can be of any racial background, provided they have a loud, cheap car, chest hair and a taste for expensive hair products. They ARE mostly either Italian, Greek, middle European or Mediterranean, but individuals of many different nationalities have been sighted in the greater Melbourne region.
your VL Turbo makes you look like a fully sick muzza. Come down Bell st Maccas and do burnouts with us, re.
muzza: define #3
A muzza is a male of any descent contrary to popular belief, who spends his nights on Chapel Street with his “fully pimped out” R33 Skyline or 5Lt VN’s. He is a born bred Melbournian who spends $100 + on hair care products. A muzza is usually in Champion, Adidas, Kappa, Diesel, P.O. Box etc. for any occasion.

A muzza uses words such as uleh, lan, bro, sik, re etc. with his “bros”.

A muzza is 100% metro.

Cruising down Chapel St headin to do some burnouts at 3am, to meet his bros. 3 subs and neons surround his car, pumpin some heavy beats as loud as he possibly can. – a true muzza
muzza: define #4
A wog, usually southern Italian, half Italian or half-Serbian/half-Croatian. Resides in the northern or western suburbs of melbourne. When driving, a muzza sees no problem driving 100kmph in first gear. When communicating, a muzza owns 4-5 different sim cards to take advantage of the cheap call rates deals offered by Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and cousin Frankie’s pirate mobile network. Sees scoring an ENTER over 40 as shameful. Sees hanging out in Macca’s carparks as a much more productive use of time. Cannot comprehend that not every female in the world is willing to give him head when he asks for it.
muzza: define #5
A young male between 14-25 either Lebo, Assyrian, greek or Turk.They are usually highschool dropouts and currently working at kebab shops or building constructions.They drive old cars such as holden VL,V6, VT,Calai, Berlina, Subaru WRX, Nissan Skyline, mitsubishi Lancer ’02 with turbo & subwoofers.They wear trackies and adidas or nike, kappa, puma, reebok jumpers with dunlop volleys.Their hair is over gelled, with blonde-patches, straightened with a commando or baseball cap. Muzzas use words like omg, uleh, lan, taxed,shotgun,yep, Bro, fully sik, fully hektik, awesome, sweet, say vallah bro, Cuz, habib.They listen to hardcore Trance, RnB, Rap & Wog music.They hangout at Broady, Roxc, Fawkner maccas. Roxc, Epping & Broady Cinemas. The northern suburb train stations.They spend all their money on trackies, petrol, grand theft auto, GYM, maccas & phone credit.. They have heaps of phones each one on a different network & mostly stolen. They live in the northern suburbs and ride on public tranport for free. Also they sneak movies at cinemas.Muzzas will drive with all 4 windows down, Trance on base, the driver seat in the lowest position, cap on their head, 1 hand on the fone, eyes on female pedestrians and not making any use of the mirrors. For example they drive at 80km in 60 zone, 50km over a speedbump, run redlights, drift around at nite, do a 360 at a carpark, change lanes without signalling, drive 120km on freeways, drive on neutral and bunny hop their car, if its manual.
Person a- Did you just see that car over there?

Person b- The holden calai with the silver wheels?

Person a- Yes, that guy didnt even signal and just cut through 4 cars and went through a red light!

Person b- Yeah typical muzza!

muzza: define #6
A muzza is a young male, usually of southern European descent

born and raised in melbourne. Living in mostly western suburbs. They depict no sense of class, enjoy spitting and when speaking, excessively swear and use terms like “bro”

They seem to have a lack of individual thought, which spans to everything they do. They seem to walk around in a group and all of whom look familiar to the person next to them.

Fashion: They usually wear similar things to their friends and copy each other. If one person were to have a jumper they think to be “cool” they would then proceed to purchase or acquire by other means the same thing. This then continues throughout the group until all the muzzas look exactly the same or atleast 90% similar.

Their hairstyles are somewhat pathetic and again would be similar to their friends. this usually consists od a mullet and hair that is excessively straightened with a ceramic straightener (other better alternatives are not available because of financial issue or they are just ignorant of them) hair is grotesquely bleahced with stripes of blonde or a patch of blonde out of nowhere. Hair is usually spiked up to look as if they had used a tub of gel just to get one spike up. Recently discovered the existence of hair wax and clay.

FLuro colors are a must for clothing. usually so excessive that they look like a highlighter. wears trackies, hoodie (recently moved on to big jackets with furry hoods).

Recently trying to pick up on asian trends that have either gone out of popularity or existed for a good span of time.

Wears sneakers such as dunlop volleys.

Recently picked up on techno and shuffling

Education seems to not mean much to muzzas. revels in breaking the law, getting into uni does not seem to be possible at current speculation. Anything related to educational excellence or beneficial to society is considered to be uncool or lame by muzzas

muzzas could be seen nearly everywhere in melbourne. though there are places that many seem to be attracted to such as highpoint
muzza: define #7
A Muzza is a young male Wog (European) usually 13-21 but don’t see a problem with being one into there 30’s. A Wog such as the Southern or Eastern Europe; Greeks, Italians, Balkans, Slavics, Maltese ect. Or the West Asian such as Lebanese, Turkish, Armenian, Iranian etc. They are usually born, but defiantly live and were raised in Melbourne.

Fashion: A Muzza wears the following clothing; Champion, Adidas, Kappa ect. For every day life, in-fact they’ll even rock up to work in it. Going out fashion upgrades to; Diesel, Dolce & Gabbana, P.O. Box ect. They were tucker caps so tiped back that the slightes breeze might blow it away. But to make sure they don’t wreck their hair the caps sit on top of their hair (and away from the fringe) held in place with a clip. Bum Bags are a must for keeping several phones all on a different provider to get the most out of each hour of the day. Also to hold change ready incase they pass a maccas.

Hang Outs: Most Muzzas find it cool to hang at Bell St Maccas, Noble Maccas, any 24-Hr fast food joint, Lygon St, and of coarse, the place guaranteed were you’ll find the most Muztek of Muzzas, Chapel St in South Yarra. They find it the best thing in the world to do Chap Laps which involves going up and down doing continues laps on Chapel St every Friday and Saturday night.

Cars: Holden VL Berlinas to Calays, usually worked by Rajab or Bresciani Racing. Most comon colour includes Canary Yellow on BT1s dumped on 15” Interceptors. 5Lt VN’s, VQ Statesmen, R33 Skylines ect. The VL will most likely have a dose pipe ready to go off every time they pass a Maria, which is the girl version of a Muzza.

A night on Chaps usually ends with a Souvlaki from NSB on Lygon St, or of course, the first 24-Hr Maccas they pass.

Language: Almost every sentence a Muzza says will include several of the following words; Uleh, Re, Bro, Lan, Scarn-On. Uleh; Lebanese for Brother/Mate. Re; pronounced Ah-re, more common with the Greeks or any Wog of Non-Lebo Background, meaning some as Uleh. Lan; pronounced Lun, more common with the West Asian Wogs, meaning man. Scarn-On, wog for what’s going on/what’s up.

Muzzas are often high school dropouts currently doing apprenticeships, with every cent they earn going towards their cars (mostly on tires and petrol), and they end up wondering why there doing just as good as all their bros who went to uni.

Muzza 1: Ey re scarn-on?

Muzza 2: Sup lan whats good? What you doing?

Muzza 1: Nm re just got the VL back from Rajab bro come do some chap laps 2nite re!

Muzza 2: I can’t bro taken my Maria out clubbing 2nite re. Maybe 2moro night lan.
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