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Of or referring to the left or right butt cheek. – Noun
When a female acts as a male and participates in online sexual actions with a homosexual – Verb
Landen: Mikey put your tree between my muncha ‘s.

Mikey: Okay you have some fine Muncha’s there Landen, mmmmmm!
Muncha: define #2
1. (noun) an asscheek in which you insert your tree which has to be covered by a huge bush

2. (verb: ‘to muncha’) when a girl acts as a boy and participates in online sexual actions with a homosexual.
1. (noun) Oh my god I want to stick my hairy maple between your left muncha and right muncha!

2. (verb) Damn Jenny I want Mike to be on so I can muncha the hell out of him.
Muncha: define #3
Also used Muncher, A racial slur that is far worse than nigga, or nigger. much like the slang, Muncha is less hurtful than Muncher, though theyre both equally horrible to all living beings that munch. To get a pass you must ask your lord and destroyer Bitch Stromboli.
Black dude: “Pussy muncha”

Bitch Stromboli: “Fucking nigger thats racist”

Black dude: “Oh shit sorry bruddah”

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