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(Also known as Specimen E-351.)A cute, round, green, planet-destroying alien in the animated TV Series, Final Space. Mooncake is characterised by his pair of antennas and stumps, and his very limited vocabulary, consisting mostly of “chookity,” “ooh,” and “wow.”
Mooncake is the cutest alien to ever appear on my TV screen.
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A Chinese pastry made to celebrate the Harvest Moon Festival, which is always on the 15th day of the 8th month on the lunar calendar. Mooncakes come in many different varieties, the most popular being the ones with Lotus Seed filling. Mooncake is often given as a present from family to family. It is only made once a year. During the Yuan Dynasty, many Chinese rebels often used mooncakes to conceal notes and secret plans from their Mongolian oppressors, seeing as how the Mongolians didn’t eat them.
I love to eat mooncakes. They are delicious.
Mooncake: define #3
very large nipples
Ahh she has mooncakes
Mooncake: define #4
A car enthusiasts’ term (especially with Lexus enthusiasts) for aftermarket wheels/rims.
Pocky just got new mooncakes for his Lexus IS350!
Mooncake: define #5
A term for any person of asian descent.
Friend#1 :”Meet my friend Ralph. He’s Chinese.”

Friend#2 :”Nice to meet you mooncake.”
Mooncake: define #6
A Chinese pastry often given as a sign of love or sex.
Boy: hi would you like some mooncake?

Girl: Sure! but im not sleeping with you 🙂
Mooncake: define #7
Nipples bigger than the actual boob.
Dean: You know Leah?

Sam: The new girl?

Dean: Yeah. She has disgusting mooncakes!

Sam: I know!
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