monique hugo

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monique hugo
Probably the most useless Stats lecturer ever recorded in history. A monique hugo (pronounced hew-ghoo) is a rare and peculiar species. During a typical hugo lecture, She can be seen at the front of the class doing absolutely fuck all whilst all of her students begin to ponder how in the fucks name did this half wit become a lecturer in the first place. Those who take their degrees seriously and wish to pass stats are basically fucked as it is extremely difficult, nay impossible, to obtain a single shred of useful information from this incompetent simpleton. If anyone comes across this incredible creature it is strongly advised to steer clear as it is almost guaranteed that you are fucked in life if you happen to unfortunately be placed in this. so take this warning and avoid this interesting specimen at all costs, thank you.
whats up man, what lecture do you have now? I’ve got stats with Monique hugo, i am so fucked dude please help me
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