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Person 1) do u remember when m&m was a thing

Person 2) yes, m&m 4 life
M&M: define #2
M&M, a chocolate candy covered in a hard layer of an artificial color. Can come with a peanut center, or a simple chocolate center.
M&Ms are my favorite candy treat, they’re great on ice cream!
M&M: define #3
M & M
Melts in your mouth not in your hand
M & M: original, peanut, almond, crispy, peanutbutter, minis
M&M: define #4
chocolates covered in a sweet thick candy shell. Also has yummy peanuts in the middle.
I went to the store and bought so m&m’s.
M&M: define #5
A chocolate candy the melts not only in your mouth, but in your hands too.
I just took a handful of M&M’s and now my hands are all sticky. How exciting!
M&M: define #6
M & M’sdrugs
Molly and Mary-Jane, MDMA and Marijuana. The mixture of these two drugs can take your party experience to a whole new level. These ladies are the life of any party.
“What’s with Christina and Ricky..They seem so happy and awesome tonight!” “Ya man! They had M & M’s before the party!”
M&M: define #7
Music & Marijuana.
M&M makes life soo great.
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