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The act of preserving the tidiness of one’s Facebook profile by deleting ‘messy’ comments, links and activities from one’s wall.
John Doe did a millsy tonight – deleted the link I posted on his wall!
millsy: define #2
a millsy is the singular form of a Max and Harvey fan. millsie is the plural smd used far often than the singular form.
do you like max and harvey? yes i do, in fact i’m a millsy. do you know any other millsies?
millsy: define #3
a big ass motha fucka who lost his virginity at the age of 11. his dick is bigger than a truck.
‘Tonight i’m doing a millsy’
millsy: define #4
gives you a very sore vagina afta a nite full of sex! bushy eyebrows! hyperactive…. loves eminem and sexxxxxxxxxxxxx
very worth while.. you bump into him take him home….(trust!) he he aaahhh!! (you will be saying that all nite and for 3 weeks)
millsy: define #5
A gay ranga from otford that enjoys penis in the bum.
Corey: hey im better than him

Dreamy: yea he is a millsy and you are sexy!
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