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A weird Irish dude with no life, but loads of alcoholic liquids.
23:34:37 <Mephs> you learn a new thing every day

23:34:55 <Mephs> but drunkness generally erases it at night 🙁

23:35:04 * Mephs thanks the world for logs

23:35:16 <Mephs> if only i could log my life
mephs: define #2
Short for the Act 3 boss Mephisto, from Diablo II.
Game name: “A3 kill meph”

“I’m doing meph runs atm trying to mf dude”
mephs: define #3
Interchangable with the word ‘Idiot’. Someone who is stupid.
“You fuckin’ meph”

“Oi, meph-head”
mephs: define #4
Michael and Steph’s relationship
Have you heard about meph?

Meph will live on forever!

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mephs: define #5
The condition of being the worst rogue ever. An inability to sap or control aggression in group events. To pull the Meph.
“How do you fail a sap on mobs half your level? Quit pulling the Meph.”
mephs: define #6
Meph can mean everything or anything you want
“you are such a meph”

“I meph you”
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