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A memeber is an individual on an internet forum who does little more than post incredibly old and over-used meme’s. The memeber typically believes themselves to be amazingly witty, but is generally regarded as being borderline retarded.
Memeber: Cool Story Bro! haha…I’m teh funny!!!

Everyone else: Man…what a memeber.
Memeber: define #2
Anya says this when she is in posting spree… (See Anya)
<Anya> A new Memeber have joined the board…
Memeber: define #3
A member of a meme
I’m a Memeber of the Dat Boi Club.
Memeber: define #4
A member of a meme page or group.
John: April, did you know that I’m an elected memeber of 9GAG

Jones: What are you again?

John: Stop laughing. A memeber is a person who’s part of a meme page’s admin team.
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