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1) Someone is ugly is matted
2) Someone who has done something that is sick in the gross sense
3) Something that is nasty, dirty or filthy
1) She is matted

2) Daz: “Gaz got his cock out and put in on my shoulder”

Steve: “Gaz is Matted”

3) I hate picking hair out of drains it’s matted
matted: define #2
when a coworker named matt drops a project on you close to 5 o’clock extending your fucking day by hours
Dude, couldn’t make it to your party cuz I got fucken matted.
matted: define #3
To be matted means to be ignored by someone on IRC, even though you know they’re there. Its meaning derives from the times when someone talks to matt860 about something important and he just ignores them, dispite him being there and reading the text.

Its meaning has been stretched to include describing a situation where you talk in a public channel (eg. to say “hello”) and the other members do not respond.
I wanted to arrange the game but he just matted me.

Oh god I’m so matted.
matted: define #4
When something very crazy, destructive, odd has happened to something.
“My house in Minecraft has pigs and endermen all over with chickens in the basement!”

“Oh, it got Matted”
matted: define #5
to get analed.

anal penetration

Lylee: Dude you got Matted

Andy: [email protected]#
matted: define #6
V. Messed up as in a person or event
Steve:Did you see Jon try to get with Kyle’s ex?

Katie: Ya that kid is matted!
matted: define #7
weird, strange, so odd that’s it’s hard to believe.
– Did you see that crazy ass dude?

– Yeah, that was matted.
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