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An overly aggressive panhandlin bum.
From the phrase “let me ask you a question,” but when asked by a southern derelict or bum who is severely intoxicated sounds like “Mashyaquestion.”
Like, nine Mashys asked me for dough on my way to the club.
mashy: define #2
Mashed Potatoes
I love me some mashies with butter on them.
mashy: define #3
A man or woman dedicated to the pursuit of playful mischief. It is most often used by best friends as a nickname or term of endearment for each other, usually before a major prank or rib.
“Mashy!” Joel called out.

“Yes, Mashy?” Chris replied.

“Mashy, I just thought of an awesome rib for us to pull on Pyle.”

mashy: define #4
A person who incessantly washes his professor’s ass. A total cleanliness freak who sometimes washes his own bums too
Ae Mashy apne professor ki gand dho
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