Marylin Monroe

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Marylin Monroe
Talented actress, 1936-62. Friends with the Kennedys of Camelot, USA. Commemorated in a song by Enya on the album Watermark. Murdered by a gibbous fanatic on his way to an eldritch rendezvous because she knew far too much about the Great Chthulhu.
Marylin Monroe. She sang Happy Birthday against the coming of the cosmic night.
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Marylin Monroe
America’s Paris Hilton of the 1950’s era.
Man from 1950: “Look at that HOT BLONDE! She’s flashing us her UPPER THIGH!”

Man from 2005: “Look at that skinney rooster-face blonde! She’s flashing us her frothy vagina and prelapsed anus!”

Marylin Monroe: define #3
Marylin Monroe
1) A sweet country girl who had to have been a good actress to look that vapid.

2) A product of the 50s designed by hollywood to make white men work really hard to help the economy.

3) a woman who was the prototype american boat whore.
Marylin Monroe had sex with Little Richard.
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