Maple Valley

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Maple Valley
A city in King County, Washington. It’s name was originally Vine Maple Valley, but the “vine” was taken off because it was too long. The city’s school district is called Tahoma (coming from TAylor Creek, HObart, and MAple Valley).
I Live in Maple Valley.
Maple Valley: define #2
Maple Valley
A city in the Northwest in which everyone thinks would be a adequate place to live, but in reality is the worst choice. Located near Seattle, you would think it’s a great tourist place, but they have nothing to show. The students are high, their grades are low, and the only time they actually care about is “t-shirt time” and 4:20.
Person #1: I’m from Maple Valley.

Person #2: Oh dude, I’m sorry.

Person #1: Yah, I get that a lot.
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Maple Valley
The worst, most boring city on the west coast. In King County, near Seattle, WA. There is absolutely nothing to do, all the girls act like sluts, all the guys are jerks, and everyone is on drugs.
I live in Maple Valley.
Maple Valley: define #4
Maple Valley
a town in which everyones parents thaught it would be a good place to raise there kids due to how small it used to be. to many parents thaught it would be a good town for a family and now the town is no longer a small town. in the past 10 years it has boomed. neighborhoods up everywhere and establishments shooting up left and right. all the adults here are quiet lovers of the peace. The whole youth population can be divided into two groups, shaved heads and hipsters. the shaved heads are mostly douchey sport lovers with diamond ear rings that love anything on the top 20 on itunes. spoiled cocky and just overall judgeing cunts. they enjoy raves, dubstep, call of duty, cars and sports. then you have the faggot hipsters. they can pretty much be described as asshole hippy stoners. spending alot of theyre time on the streets and in the wilderness. some classy others grimey and street as fuck. often judgeing anyone who follows the norm and for fun harass the community and eat shit. these two groups atleast as i have seen have a secret rivalry twords eachother. one group loves school spirit and prep and the others would rather worship satan than goto a pep assembly. the only thing that brings together maple valleys social divide is drugs and partys. everyone smokes pot, longboards and complains about theyre life here. if everyone stopped complainging for a second and took a good look around they would find that this town isnt as bad as it seems.
everyone in Maple Valley accept me is a faggot
Maple Valley: define #5
Maple Valley
A decent town in King County situated between Covington, Hobart, Ravensdale and Black Diamond. Full of a lot of liberal yuppies who have been indoctrinated to be TV worshiping hipsters.

The skatepark is lousy and full of stoners/drifters who will never progress. The drug problem is moderate with mostly peaceful hippies but the occasional tweaker will pass through. There are many flannel wearing stoners with a mutual respect toward everyone and their community. The non egotistical but incredibly ballsy stoner/skater types do exist but rarely skate there unless trying to kill time.

Others are the common image of enormous gauges, I heart boobies wrist bands, v-neck shirts or baja shirts, eccentric pants or sweat pants, mocasins and crocs. About as common you will find those who wear a tap out hat and an MMA shirt but hipsters have lost all ambition in life.

The occasional ramp tramp, little raver emo girl or future attention whore is common. Many people who would rather be inside all day and watch Adventure Time rather than have hobbies.

The occasional conspiracy theorist, veteran and blue collared types would consider the area a haven. Older generations don’t use the internet as much as the kids in this town who are hooked trolls with phony facebook meme lives. Beware of longboards and kids on their smartphones.

Stoner:”Hey party in Maple Valley!”

Yuppie:”Wow I haven’t been there in ever because I live in the city and I’m a hipster”

Stoner:”Really? Maple Valley has nothing better to do not even a movie theater”

Yuppie:”Swag, yeah we should prey on some younger girls”

Stoner:”SWAG, So.Were.All.Gay”

Yuppie:”Don’t worry lets go to a rave and sell molly and oxycontin”

Stoner:”Fuck my life we might as well go to comic con”

Yuppie:”Yeah pretending to be a drug dealer is too difficult I should get a real job”

Stoner:”Oh well at least we can sell weed to some burnouts from my source”
Maple Valley: define #6
Maple Valley
A shitty city where there is no cute guys and everyone either smokes or drinks alcohol. Wtf is wrong with people there….
Person #1: I live in Maple Valley

Person #2: I freaking hate that place.
Maple Valley: define #7
Maple Valley
The worst city in existence. South of Seattle in King County, WA, there is literally nothing to do, every middle school guy is a retarded immature skaterfag wannabe stick thin faggot. every girl in any school is either a tremendous whore, a fucking bitch or a drama starting cuntqueef. oh, and everyone either is on drugs or cuts themself. Or both. For fun, Maple Valleyians usually leave Maple Valley to go to a less shitty place.
Maple Valley is a shit town
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