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Maleah is that one girl who is drop dead gorgeous and all of the guys like her, but she’s oblivious to it and thinks none of them do because she thinks she’s ugly. She is very kind hearted and nice to everyone no matter what.
omg have you seen maleah she’s so PRETTY i wish she would like me back because i really like her
Maleah: define #2
A pretty pretty princess who is conceited but has all the reason to be. She’s the best.
I wish I could be Maleah.
Maleah: define #3
1.)A female name meaning bitter or uncertain. It’s the Hawaiian form of “Mary”

2.)A beautiful exotic girl who speaks her mind regardless of what people think, Sexy, Smart, Kind of slutty but not a slut in anyway at all. A Maleah just loves to show her body but doesn’t let anyone touch. A.K.A A Cock Tease.

3.) A confident Bitch

4.) Also spelled Malia, Maliah, or Maleia

5.) Also the name of the president’s daughter!

Jim: Did you fuck her yet?

John: I tried to fuck her, but she won’t let me, IDK why, I’d love to bang her

Jason: Well that sucks, she’s a Maleah, the baddest bitch to walk the face of the earth, She’ll let you look, but no touchie

Maleah: define #4
1) (n) A girl who almost accedes Chuck Norris in all and every ways.

2) (n) A way to compare oneself or others to the awesomeness that she is.

1) Boy#1 – “Whoa, who’s that girl?”

Boy#2 – “Dumbass, don’t you know? Thats Maleah!”

(2) Man – “Aw man, what am I gonna do?”

Woman – “WWMD”

Man – “WTF??!”

Woman – “You don’t know? What would Maleah do?

Maleah: define #5
1) (adj.) a person with many abnormalities

2) (noun) an awesome friend

1) OMG! did you just see that maleah girl? she was going to the bathroom on those bleachers and she has a strong hand, prosthetic feet, and her maleah teacher has a special eye!!!

2) maleah is such an awesome friend and if you don’t have a maleah for a friend then you are missing out BIG TIME. she’s also really fashionable and nice. and she has pretty hair. and she smells good?

Maleah: define #6
Maleah is the girl of your dreams, beautiful hair, smile, and is just perfect in every way, she has all the qualities you would look for in a woman. She is sweet and cute and has the cutest giggle. Maleah is the best girl you will ever know in your entire life so don’t let her out of your life
Maleah is beautiful
Maleah: define #7
(verb, noun) The act of taking/someone who takes the last of something (i.e. cookies, chips, etc.) at a party or social gathering at which food is provided.
Person 1: Dude, I was jonesin’ for that last cookie but she totally just took it.

Person 2: Ugh, what a Maleah.

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