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short term for the city Madison, WI.
Im going to Madtown this weekend.
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Madison, Wisconsin. The most liberal/kwazy, yet fun place in the country. Everything is ideal in the Mad-town cept for da weather.
The Mad-town wouldn’t be mad if not for all the ghetto athletes at UW.
MadTown: define #3
mad towncollege
nickname for Madison, WI
Hey, u gonna go to Mad Town tonight?
MadTown: define #4
Used, sometimes, by residents of Madison, Wisconsin to describe their fair city. More often, though, it’s used by those who only wish that they were residents of Madison. These folks tend to congregate in Madtown on Halloween and New Year’s Eve to get shitfaced, vomit on the sidewalk, start fights, get arrested, and generally prove why they’re not fit to live in such a town (ie, they couldn’t get accepted to the University of Wisconsin).
Hey guys, we’re in Madtown! Let’s drink some Natty Lite and get some hot college bitches!

Did you just say “hot college bitches?” You’re not from Madtown are you?

MadTown: define #5
The most radical place on earth – Madison, Wisconsin.
All the hippies live in Mad-town.
MadTown: define #6
An annoying nickname outsiders make for Madison, WI. No one says that who lives in this town.
“I go to UW-Madison”

“In Mad-town?”

MadTown: define #7
the small town of Madison Indiana. known as one of the largest historical land masses in the US. the unknown part is that it is also one of the largest drug trafficking little towns in the US as well. drugs of all sorts go there to be broken up and sent to the larger surrounding cities like Indianapolis, Louisville Ky, and Cincinnati OH. It’s townies are mainly white trash rednecks, but these are not easily seen by the passer-bys and tourists that seem to congregate there. the up-to-do citizens are the ones most likely seen, although they seem very nice don’t get too close cause by the average citizen they are known as the worst kind of people you’ll ever meet. All in all Madison is a very pretty town on the Ohio river that has community traditions like the Regatta that’s all about hydroplane racing, and the ribberfest which is all about bbq, and of course the Chattaqua which is all about the fine arts. So come visit, if your the normal tourists and want to see a beautiful small town then this is the place. And also if your a drug crazed luney we welcome you too!!!
I just visited Madison Indiana….it was a Madtown!
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