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Short for Microsoft, used to imply Microsoft cares more for money than it does for security, stability, and anything else that could make a good Operating System.
M$ has another security hole.
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An acronym/abbreviation for the monopoly Microsoft, using an $ instead of an S to show dislike for Microsoft and the money the company has.
The day M$ makes a product that doesnt suck is the day they make a vacuum.
M$: define #3
Typically used as a derogatory term for Microsoft. Typically used by those who use Linux as their operating system, it implies that Microsoft, a business, cares about business-related things.
The person said M$, so I naturally dismissed their opinion on what is the best operating system.
M$: define #4
Shorthand for Microsoft
As in Microsoft’s millions
M$: define #5
Common net abbreviation for Microsoft, everybody’s least favorite monopoly.
M$, M$, M$!!!… yeeeaaahhh…
M$: define #6
short term for the “MICROSOFT” company
M$ is greedy, Bill Gates is a homosexual
M$: define #7
M’$ – em’s – noun

1. Millions (as in of dollars) or more than

2. Money.
I’m talkin’ bout M’$, talkin’ bout M’$

Do you know what I’m talkin’ ’bout? I’m talking bout M’$”.

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