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What you experience when, while laying a lip grip on your sweetie’s lollypop, you get carried away and try to swallow it.
I couldn’t get to sleep with all the lollygagging and other sex sounds coming my x-rated flatmate’s room.
lollygag: define #2
To goof, to waste time, to procrastinate. mostly said by hipsters and old farts.
stop lolly-gagging and get off that nintendo! you have homework to do!
lollygag: define #3
1. A person who sits around and does nothing at work, school, home, etc.

2. To waste time by puttering aimlessly; dawdle
Jane must lollygag all day long because she doesn’t seem to get any work done.
lollygag: define #4
lolly gagwork
To waste time, mostly by doing insignificant tasks for self ammusement. Also could be thought of as a slang for masterbation.
Jon lolly gag’s before work.
lollygag: define #5
to take your sweet time
My family needs to hurry up and stop lollygagging so we can get on the road to vacation!
lollygag: define #6
To silence an Australian by method of feeding them candy.
The sheila just wouldn’t stop talking, so I had to use some Twizzlers to lollygag her.
lollygag: define #7
To gag while performing fellatio. Especially if one performing such act is British.
The lad fell upon my member with such voracity, he lollygagged several times.
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