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Also see crombie.
Word founded by Charles Dela Roca.
1. This word is used in random times in order to express excitement.
2. Pronounced in a deep and chopped up voice to make it sound weird and to make sure that no one knows what you’re talking about.
3. Used in video games as another way to say cool, hesh, that’s interesting, or fun.
4. Used by a group of kids from Bakersfield, CA.
5. Another way to address someone, other than their own name.
What the lolie?

He’s a kill stealer, lolie.

What’s up, lolie?

lolie: define #2
When a male or female is getting or receiving oral sex.
Instead of sex, Jasmine gave me the best lolie I ‘ve ever had. She must have been down there for 20- 30 mins, and after she even swallowed. I returned the favor and gave her lolie until she came 3 times
lolie: define #3
Meaning laughing out loud it’s embarrassing!
1: Bro I went to pull her hair and her wig come off

2: LOLIE I’m on the bus everyone is looking at me !

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