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Let me know

What do you think? LMK…
LMK: define #2
It simply means “let me know.” Or get back to me with answer.

If it already formally exists, I don’t know, but I started using it in my e-mails in the ’90s for convenience. Today, someone responded “OH!!!!!!” after I replied to his “what’s the meaning of that” e-mail. So, there you have it.

In e-mail commonly, consider for example:

1) If you need anything, LMK.

2) What’re you guys doing tonight? LMK.
LMK: define #3
(V.) LMK= let me know. Or, tell me pretty much right away what your response is so something actually happens.
*concert is tomorrow*

Me: Hey want to go to the concert tomorrow?

Friend: idk maybe, I have to ask

Me: ok lmk
LMK: define #4

Lmk means “let me know”

Usually used in text message instead of in person.

Hey lmk about what happened later
LMK: define #5
1. Launched my Kitten

2. Lick my Klit

What did you do today?


Hey could you LMK?

LMK: define #6
Means Lick My Kitten, Kitten being slang for the female genetalia, this term would be used in the same context by a female that a male world use the phrase “Suck my dick” in
Girl: LMK

Guy: what’s that mean

Girl: lick my kitten
LMK: define #7
1. Let Me Know

2. Lick My Knuts
“Just LMK if I can help you out”


“Just LMK if that will help”
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