Liza Koshy

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Liza Koshy
A lil brown girl who used to make vines back in 2013 but has since moved on to YouTube which

she has reached 10 million subscribers since the beginning, she a hilarious and beautiful woman that everyone should love

Ex: omg did you hear about Liza koshy hitting 10 million on YouTube she’s so amazing
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Liza Koshy
One of the most popular Youtubers with more than 11 million subscribes and about a billion views, each video getting about 5-15 million views. She posts every wedn- thursday and is known from her vines. She started in 2013 but then stopped a while before vine died. She is makes videos for the younger crowd but sometimes makes pg 13 references. She won a TCA and a Streamy. She is also known from the tv show Freakish.
Did you see Liza Koshy’s new youtube video?

Liza Koshy is my favorite youtuber!

Liza Koshy: define #3
liza koshyname
An amazingly awesome epic youtube/vine star who makes videos about innapropriate, though kid-friendly, things.
“you’re such a liza koshy”
Liza Koshy: define #4
Liza Koshy
An amazingly funny and beautiful YouTuber with a great personality and a cheesy joke teller.
Person 1: I loved Liza Koshys new video

Person 2: me too but, I found the jokes a little cheesy

Liza Koshy: define #5
Liza Koshy
A beautiful, young YouTuber who is dating David Dobrik. She started on Vine (R.I.P. Vine) who then on moved to YouTube who now has 12 million subscribers. And has another channel “Liza Koshy Too” that has 5.2 million subscribers. In the end just subscribe to her and the Vlog Squad! On her YouTube channel wshe lays many characters such as, Jet, Carlos, and Helga. Liza has even been casted in Joey Graceffa’s Escape the Night Season 2, Freakish, and Boo! A Madea Halloween.
Liza Koshy is my favorite Youtuber.

Liza is dating David.

Have you ever met Liza Koshy?

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Liza Koshy: define #6
Liza Koshy
A lil brown girl you started out on vine then moved to youtube and ended up surpassing 10 MILLON subscribers
Have you seen liza koshy she’s amazing

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Liza Koshy: define #7
Liza koshy
A little brown girl on YouTube who is actually a boy with makeup on! We don’t know the name to her fandom but everyone who knows her definitely loves her! She’s an amazing girl and she’s good at youtube, she is dating David dobrik. She is a former vine star ( RIP VINE) she is also dating ( not really) Kristen mcatee and gabbie hanna. She is a gorgeous human and that pretty much defines her. SHE IS ALSO FUNNY AND MAKES INNAPROPRIATE JOKES she makes jokes about drugs and what not she plays characters such as helga, jet, Carlos Etc she is outstanding!
Ashlee: hey! Do you know liza koshy?

Bitch: yeah. She’s mine I love her so much

Ashlee: actually hoe she’s mine I love her more then you ever will so F OFF!!!

David: sorry to alarm you but she’s mine sorry


david: yeah, bitch not any of yours! Only mine and ashlees

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