littlest hobo

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littlest hobo
Canadian Television show.The best Television show ever.
It was about a dog who went around helping people. It also had the best theme song ever.
“Theres a voice that keeps on calling me,
Down the road is where I’ll always be,
Every stop i make,
I make a new friend,
Cant stay for long just turn around
and I’m Gone again”
Lassie is the Littlest Hobos bitch.
littlest hobo: define #2
littlest hobo
1. A sex move where one’s significant other rejects advances in a cheery upbeat way with the words: “maybe tomorrow.”

2. The greatest and only hero dog based television show to come out of Canada.

Bob had to retreat to the couch and wank to CBC news after his girlfriend gave him the littlest hobo.

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littlest hobo: define #3
littlest hobo
A wealthy charming good looking man whom i would give anything to be like.
The littlest hobo is my hero.
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