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Lipodissolve is a treatment that enables people to precisely target and reduce or remove the stubborn pockets of fat that can make clothes a little more difficult to fit, or cause a person’s body contours to appear disproportionate in some areas as compared with others. Lipodissolve is not a means of weight reduction. While some patients will lose up three inches, results will vary. Most patients are happy with losing an inch to an inch and a half. Lipodissolve is commonly used for small stubborn pockets of fat that reside in the body despite a patients best efforts at diet and exercise.
Fat is removed via a series or microinjections of a soy-based substance, PCDC (phosphatidylcholine deoxycholate), directly into the fat layer. The primary ingredient in the compound, PC, is a naturally occurring substance that works to breakup the fat cells and eliminate the dead cells as waste.
Lipodissolve was initially developed by Dr. Patricia Rittes, a dermatologist in Sao Paolo, Brazil in 1990. Since the inception of this technique use has expanded worldwide becoming widespread in Europe, Asia, and most recently North America. For more information please visit
I am going to lipodissolve fat from my abdomen.
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