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Someone who can be crazy a.f, funny a.f and real at the same damn time
Yo did you see levar, yea he’s the guy off that show
levar: define #2
LeVar is a smart, talented guy. People may not notice him first but he starts to grow on you. He can make you laugh with his twisted jokes. His looks impress you when you first meet him. He may look hollow and fragile, but on the inside he has an amazing personality. He is strong, smart, kind, funny, affectionate,and over all and amazing person .
Have you met my friend Levar, he’s the best of both worlds.
levar: define #3
Extraordinary people, rare with special charm. They are excessively concerned about clothes and appearances. Their choices could be criticized by some and loved by others. Their attention to detail is surprising. Very dramatic, tend to overthink situations. Levar’s are true and loyal friends, keepers forever if they’re not mislead and double-crossed.
Levar is an exquisite name for divine people.
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