let it snow

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let it snow
is actually a secret way of saying “le tits now” (the tits now)
heyo bitch cum ova here and let it snow
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Let it snowdrugs
A code name for bringing cocaine somewhere
Jeff-What do you want for Christmas?

Jill-I don’t mind. Just let it snow and I’ll be fine

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le tits now
A French expression.

Most famously misread by Sean Connery on an episode of celebrity jeopardy, the original category was Let it Snow.

See also: anal bum cover, jap anus relations, penis mightier and whore semen

Bonjour Mademoiselle, I’d like to see, Le Tits Now!

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let it snow: define #4
Let It Snow !
This is what everyone can say late Christmas Eve after all the shoping is done and all gifts are bought and kids are sleeping!
man- Now that all that running arround is done and the kids nervousness is over I say Let It Snow !
let it snow: define #5
Le Tits Now
Often confused with “Let It Snow,” this phrase is used for demanding to see a woman’s breasts. According to Sean Connery on SNL’s Celebrity Jeopardy, it is a French expression.
“Bonjour, Mademoiselle. I’d like to see le tits now!”

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