Lady GiyGas

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Lady GiyGas
A combination of the main antagonist in Mother and EarthBound, known as Giygas, both the “Embodiment of Evil” and the

“Universal Cosmic Destroyer” and the disgusting main antagonist of American pop music, known as Stefani Germanotta, or Lady Gaga, also known as the “Manifestation of Shitty Music” and the “Limitless Empyrean Annihilator”.Lady GiyGas is an evil empowerment who intends to sentence all of music to the horror of infinite darkness.With an army of Starmen, Little Monsters and other deadly war machines, Lady GiyGas also uses his/her immense power to influence certain Earthlings to destroy all sounds that are truly harmonized.

Con Man from Threed:

“Yeah I worked for the Little Monster, but I betrayed them too. I’m a con man so I know the score. Little Monster gives life to MTV, but MTV works for Lady GiyGas, who I heard might be female. Well I’m not sure whether Lady Giygas is a male or a female…I’m a helpful con man don’t you think?”
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