la dee da

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la dee da
Like I give a shit; Good for you… who cares???
Willy: Now run home to your shack.

Lisa: I live in a house!

Willy: Well LA DEE DA college girl!!
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la dee da
1) an expression of contempt, disinterest, or boredom, often used in the phrase “Well la dee da” as a sarcastic “now isn’t that amazing” or “good for you”

2) a phrase for singing, humming, mumbling etc. to show joyful innocence

1) Bob: You know what? I learned that the sky is blue today!

Bill: Well la dee da.

2) The little girl skipped along singing “La dee da, what a wonderful day!”, until she was unfortunately run over by a garbage truck.

la dee da: define #3
la dee daname
Good for you. And it’s implied that I don’t really care.
Sarah talked at agonizing length about when she saw Steven Tyler at Aspen. Julie had heard enough and said ‘la dee da’.
la dee da: define #4
la dee da
when someone is bored they will say la dee da to show they are bored but still happy. common mostly for girls
“*sigh* la dee da, *plays with pensil*”
la dee da: define #5
la dee da
Something you so to a ponce or someone else trying to sound impressive or show off
Well la dee da richboy
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