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A Lathargic waste of space and time that often thinks about changing their life but then never does.
A humanoid that

facebooks and plays all the games weekly trying to beat their best score.
A Facebooker that blogs about life using words such as ‘herkneeiah’ and ‘negros’ excessivly, as well as other 5 year old grammar and vocabulary. They also use piss poor metaphores and will be praised by idiots for their shotty writing their shrink actually makes them do.
A Person that slams all finger nails and toe nails in the door to the point where they dont exist. Upon inquiry about said nails, they respond “self infliction makes you stronger” you then know, they are messed up.
A Person that wonders if grandfather will ever be okay and back from the hospital after he is dead and burried.

That kusty sure is stoopid.
Kusty: define #2
A marijuana or other drug patron who has no clout and therefore gets taxed.
I’m wating for this kusty to call, then I can go get some grub.
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