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An amazingly complex and effective fighting style used in the game GunZ:Online before it was invaded by legions of hackers

and eventually deserted by all the real players. It involves pressing about 16 keys a second, taking advantage of glitches in the attack and switch animations, and has your character jumping all around the place with a sword slashing every second. Most Kstylers use two shotguns or a shotgun with another slow-firing weapon such as a pair of revolvers or a rocket launcher as weapons (with a sword of course).

Kstyler: … *kills everyone in the room and doesn’t even get hit*

Newbie: Aww man what the hell that guy’s a pro kstyler I’m outta here! *ragequits*
Kstyle: define #2
A style that only people with brains and skill can use effectively. While d-style and spraying are not necessarily practiced by peoples without brains, you could not train a monkey to use k-style effectively. It involves cancelling animation frames and is used by all top Gunz:the Duel players, despite what other, uninformed people may try to claim.
Samual Jackson – Does he look like a bitch?

Bret – what?!

*uses k-style to slashoot leg*

retard – hybrid/d-style/tumble is better, k-style is egowhore

intelligent person – what level are you on gunz?

retard – 17

Kstyle: define #3
Cheap game playing style used in the game “GUNZ The Duel”. It is using all the game exploits/glitches used in one type of fighting style in the game. Consists of canceling attacks and near impossible to beat one of these “K-Stylers”, unless you HAXORZ your way out of it, or K-Style vs. K-Stlye.

K-Style(Korean Style)

Wanna join my K-Style clan? We can pwn some n00bs and w can haxxorz
Kstyle: define #4
it is the style in which korean ulzhhangs dress (along with pedro)-korean-style. it is widely popular amongst koreans and tb chinese people..

you can also classify k-style as how one walks, they talk, or act.

only cool cats can have k-style mfkers.

founder of k-style was Jonathan and Locki

example of k-style is Jonathan wearing ulzhang shirts.

locki wearing gwyns hat (LOL)

pedro wearing nothing .
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