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To rotate a knob clockwise then anticlockwise in quick succession.

To create some interesting filter sweep effects take hold of the filter cutoff control and knobulate vigourously.
knobulate: define #2
to munt about in the kitchen, trying to decide whether you can face a bit of toast and Marmite, after looking in the fridge for the 100th time to see if anything interesting has arrived, at about 8am after you’ve been up all night getting mashup.
James: “Tom, why are you staring into the Marmite?”

Tom: “I’m knoblulating”

knobulate: define #3
Verb to describe various activities usually related to the phallus (penis) such as sex, wanking, oral sex, etc.

Also can also be used to describe dominating someone at online gaming.

nublet: im going to knobulate you 2nite. lolz im so horny!

can be modified:

act of super-knobulation

sh1t! you nobulate pro!

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