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The Ku Klux Klan in a suit and tie, located in Washington DC, FOX News, or right-wing talk radio. Their

followers are 95% white and they use the 5% of minorities who support their causes as pawns to “prove” they aren’t racist. They signal their racism using code language. For example, everyone knew what Rep. Paul Ryan meant when he said there is a culture in the inner cities of men “not working and not even thinking about the value of work.” They will go on tyrades against welfare, affirmative action, and immigration and pretend it has nothing to do with race. They pretend to oppose big government and authoritarianism but their support for neofascist Donald Trump exposes them as complete frauds.

The KKKonservative on the panel found it important to focus on “black crime” statistics, even though the rest of the panel acknowledges the scientific fact that race is merely a social construct and poverty is the more constructive issue to focus on.
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