king kongs finger

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king kongs finger
when you release a turd so huge, so mighty, so hefty, that it looks like king kongs finger

so as we waited outside, barry left behind what he called king kongs finger in the wealth of great toilets, thus causing blockage
king kongs finger: define #2
King Kong’s Finger
A turd big enough to crush a car
shit look out for that king kong finger
king kongs finger: define #3
King Kong’s Finger
A huge turd resembling the screen beast’s digit, stuck at the back doors causing great discomfort.

The desparate need to free a chocolate hostage.

“Fuck me I need a shite, I’ve got King Kong’s finger poking out of my arse”
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King Kong’s Finger
A piece of excrement originating from a mammal by means of defecation. A King Kong’s Finger is a large turd typically formed in the shape of the giant ape’s digit in the act of tickling Fay Wray under the chin.
What a dump I just had. It was a King Kong’s Finger.
king kongs finger: define #5
King Kong’s Finger
When a woman rides you reverse cowgirl and pounds out a log on your stomach
Sherry gave her boyfriend a King Kong’s Finger lastnight at the party
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