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adj. (kim-esh)- A heightened sense of paranoia especially around one’s coworkers.
– The belief that everyone thinks your are incapable of

performing your work duties and the resulting attitude towards all those people.noun (kim-esh)- One who fucks himself out of a job due to unfounded paranoia. You should be euthanized.
– One who has kimish qualities.

Dude, Bob’s kimish demeanor is so much fun to play with. He believes that not only did the CEO fire his boss for missing some training, but also that people setup meetings just to figure out how to fuck with him. What a looney toons.
kimish: define #2
A form of English that makes no sense to any other party apart from those who are fluent. A word-by-word literal translation with humorous results for native English speakers.

Name is derived from the word Kim, who was the creator.
Kids: Let’s sing a song.

Kim: Heads knolders shes and toes, shes and toes, shes and toes.

Kids: What song is that mum?

Kim: It is the native song of Kimish.

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