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The highest level of cool one can ever acheive. A title often given to the cool and humorous, a nickname

for kevin.

That’s kevo, I hear he has acheived the highest level of cool and is super-dooper humorous. His real name is Kevin, I want his autograph.
kevo: define #2
1. An article of excellency bestowed upon a person whose physicality and intellect portrays aspects of remarkable brilliance, sophistication, vigor, seduction, courage, and compassion.
Wow that Chien guy is so cool, his title must be Kevo.
kevo: define #3
Kevo, also known as Kevo Maximo, is a person who cannot add or subtract very well. He is attracted to children, and attracts the ugliest women. A Kevo Maximo will often be confused with someone who has just been hit on the head, because if you ask a Kevo how many fingers you are holding up, he will not know.
Hey look at that Kevo with all the ugly women around him
kevo: define #4
one with a millimeter peter; short kid with a needle dick; the little one
That kevo was cursed with the tiniest dick I’ve ever seen.
kevo: define #5
quite ugly man, odd dresser, not often without infections
kevos someone we love a lot but he could work on his dress sense
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