Keg Head

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Keg Head
Engaging in a quality keg stand while enjoying the pleasure of a quality blowjob. Simply a man’s dream.

Joel got a little keg head, although he was tough to hold up for that long. I guess all the ladies couldnt get enough of that baby arm.
Keg Head: define #2
keg head
n. A person who strictly attends parties that have kegs. This person generally will not throw down for said keg but rather steal a cup, or in most cases bring their own.
Normal dude: Hey come to this rager.

Keg head: Is there a keg?

Normal dude: Yeah, but I think it’s tapped.

Keg head: Nevermind.
Keg Head: define #3
A person with a keg for a head!
That person is a keghead or he is a kegger. Keg off!
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