Kayne West

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Kayne West
see “biggest douchebag ever.”

Taylor Swift: …and wow I would like to thank–

Kayne West: Hold up Taylor I’m really happy for you and imma let you finish but BEYONCE HAD ONE OF THE BEST VIDEOS OF ALL TIME!

Person One: Hey did you see Kanye West steal Taylor Swift’s moment at the VMA’s?

Person Two: Yeah! He’s the biggest douchebag ever!

Kayne West: define #2
kayne west
the gayest of the gay fish
Guy 1: Do you like Fish Sticks?

kayne west: Yeah!

Guy 1: So, you like to put them in your mouth and chew on them?

kayne west: Of course!

Guy 1: ..So, you’re a gay fish?

kayne west: fuck you nigga ima motha fuckin genius niqqa

Kayne West: define #3
Kayne West
Loud Obnoxious turd
Guy #1 Oh man, My gut is killing, I better go to the shitter and take a Kayne West.

Guy #2 Don’t forget to give a courtesy flush cause a Kayne West really stinks.

Kayne West: define #4
Kayne West
Kayne Waste…Doesn’t like white people(his main audience)

hmm…bush doesn’t like black people and its no wonder we gave aids to africa and crack to ny city…you know, because white people don’t have aids or addiction problems

A dude with a weak jaw would be known as Kayne West
Kayne West: define #5
kayne west
A rapper who is “controversial” by making off the wall statements. He thinks hes hXe, sans the emo stuff.
Famous Kayne West quotes

“George Bush doesn’t care about black people”


“I should be in the bible”

nigga plz

Kayne West: define #6
Kayne West
The biggest musical genuis ever! Also known for finding kid cudi, big sean
Dude 1: Yo have you heard all of the lights

Dude 2: Hell yea Kayne West is a fucking genuis

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