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A very ugly person with a rotten soul. Someone who is a kaika is full of himself and smells terrible.

They always have witty remarks that are not funny whatsoever. Kaika’s are so mean that they make babies commit suicide. Every time I see or think about a Kaika I want to gouge out my eyes and stuff them in my ears so I can’t see or hear him. He is so fat that once he sits down he can’t get back up. He is so lonely that when he sees a girl he automatically wants to rape her. He is social awkward. He walks funny. Very weak and flabby.

Person 1: Stop! Stop! Get away from me you Kaika. You’re acting very retarded.

Person 2: Hey Man that hurts, let me smell your skin though… I bet you smell like dicks though…. Even though you’re a girl… I love you

Person 1: get the hell away from me you freak
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