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Acronym for “Kilirit Mi Dir” (kuh-leer-eet me dearr)An idiom in Armenian that literally translates to “Don’t put it on your

dick” meaning “You shouldn’t give a flying fuck?”Acronym usually used among somewhat English-influenced Persian-Armenian men between the ages of 16 – 40. (and as of lately, Persian-Armenian women)Actual phrase used amongst all Armenian men.

– Arby (or take your pick from Arin/Aris/Artin/Ara/Arman

/Arthur/Aklore): “I hope that girl PESTineh texts me soon.”

– Narbeh: “Laaaav dude, K.M.D. , she’s not even that hot


K.M.D.: define #2
KMD standing for Kausing Much Damage was a hip-hop group in the 90’s started by MF DOOM (was Zev Love X), Subroc, and Rodan. Rodan later quit the group was then replaced by Onyx the Birthstone Kid.

Known for their controversial album, “Black Bastards.”

KMD’s album Black Bastards was just recently released by MF DOOM
K.M.D.: define #3
Kiss my dick. Related to SMD. (suck my dick)
Do your job, and KMD, bit.
K.M.D.: define #4
Kill me dead
Kmd_.. Kill me dead ah thought you

was older…..

K.M.D.: define #5
KMD: An abbreviation for Kiss My Dick. Also a gang created in Colorado.

Slogan: Find A Way Or Make One.

Random Person: Hey wanna buy me that sandwich?

You: Kmd bitch.
K.M.D.: define #6
stands for: Kill my dick
“Swear to god amy KMD last night!”

“I thought she was your sister
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