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Christine Weston Chandler (a.k.a. Chris-Chan, CWC), previously referred to as Christian Weston Chandler, is actually a YouTube vlogger as well as maker of the webcomic Sonichu. Considering that overdue 2007, Chandler came to be a trolling intended through Encyclopaedia Dramatica, 4chan and also Kiwi Farms that regularly buffooned his art pieces as well as online actions.

Online Past


While going to university, Chandler was actually ejected for a year after seeking to locate females through uploading check in social areas. Throughout this banishment, Chandler started service the very first concern of Sonichu, accomplishing it in March of 2005. It had actually concentrated on the Sonichu as well as Rosechu personalities, the comic ultimately switched emphasis towards his live.

Exploration on 4chan

He possessed an on the internet visibility given that at the very least 1999, Chandler was actually certainly not targeted through 4chan till 2007 when a sketch of Sonichu was actually published on the imageboard. Chandler’s witties, internet site and also YouTube network were actually ultimately found out. Chandler ultimately posted a video recording resolving his brand new fans, updating all of them that he is actually a high-functioning autistic (presented listed below).

Megan Schroeder/ Adam Stackhouse/ ED Sagas (2005-2011).

In 2007, Chandler entered into the Chop Professional Red onion’s Rap Face-off, a Sony-held competition marketing the PlayStation Portable variation of PaRappa the Rappa, which some supposed was actually an effort to court Schroeder. Chandler, unhappy, charged Adam of scamming to succeed, to the aspect that he created an online video of themself firing an image of Adam (revealed beneath, right). Megan said to Chandler that she was actually delighted he was actually and also shed interrupted through Chandler’s fascination along with her.

Very soon after the production of the Compilation Dramatica write-up, Chandler found it for themself. After finding out, Schroeder supposedly damaged off interaction along with Chandler. In July of 2008, Chandler submitted an online video to vent his rage to the monsters and also cleared up that the lady in ShecameforCWC.jpg was actually Schroeder as well as certainly not his imaginary little girl as some had actually thought (presented listed below).

Blanca/ Jimmy Mountain Sagas (2008-2009).

Blanca Weiss was actually an identification tackled through numerous catfish monsters in 2008. The 1st trolling efforts were actually discussed through 3 net consumers that consulted with Chandler through immediate texting and also telephone. The legend finished along with Chandler delivering the Sonichu emblem he put on during the time to among the 3 giants, Ickeriss69, that damaged it on electronic camera (revealed listed below).

In September 2008, the 2nd trolling efforts were actually performed through Compilation Dramatica troll Lordsillynipples, that stated to acquire x-rated photos coming from Chandler.
Chandler, annoyed through the representation of the Sonichu world in Jimmy Hillside’s variation (Sonichu as a homosexual, Chandler as a heinous robotic, and so on), as effectively as the meant counterfeiting of his job, resolved him numerous opportunities. On Oct 13th, Chandler resolved Jimmy even more straight (presented listed below, right).

The Clyde Cash Money Sagas (2008-2010).

Cash money started to intimidate Chandler a number of opportunities, as well as Chandler reacted along with an apology video clip in the direction of Cash money (revealed listed below, left behind). Around this opportunity Chandler pulled a photo of his brand new “sweetie” called PandaHalo, that Money, as an action of vengeance on Chandler, informed him he had actually assaulted PandaHalo that in turn apparently ended up being expecting.

After that, he posed Nintendo activity supervisor Shigeru Miyamoto and also Nintendo of The United States head of state Reggie Fils-Aime, effective Chandler that a Sonichu activity was actually thought about as well as denied through Nintendo.Chandler additionally posted a video clip guided in the direction of Miyamoto in an offer to verify to him that he is actually the true Christian Weston Chandler, as well as certainly not a giant (revealed listed below, left behind). The photo of Lee Hotti ended up being linked along with Clyde after Lordsillynipples, the very same monster that posed Blanca, informed Chandler that this was what Money in fact appeared like.In March of 2010 Chandler will post a video clip in which he resolves his squall to a lot of monsters, primarily Money, and also goes therefore much as to participate in out a case in which the 2 of all of them comply with, finishing in Money’s fatality.

Bluespike/ Julie Legend.

BlueSpike was actually a giant that fulfilled Chandler in December 2008, under the pen names of Julie, a gal that intended to be actually Chandler’s girl. Throughout their partnership, Bluespike asserted to have actually made use of the pen names to lead Chandler in to helping make a video clip of themself conducting a sexual activity show on a blow up while shouting Julie’s label.

Throughout this moment, BlueSpike thought yet another identification under the pen names of Maximum, asserting to become Julie’s much younger sibling while still keeping the Julie personality as a distinct personality. Throughout a hr in March 2009, Maximum procured in to Chandler’s PlayStation System profile as well as imperiled to offer it on and also cease Chandler coming from viewing Julie completely, unless Chandler mentioned “Billy Mays is actually the mayor of CWCville,”, whilst placing his Sonichu emblem right into his rectal dental caries.

Ivy Legend.

In March 2009, Chandler satisfied yet another giant due to the label of Ivy that Chandler strongly believed was his sweetheart up until eventually that year. The end result of Ivy trolling Chandler causing him executing her as a personality right into Sonichu as well as numerous online videos concerning him stating his affection for her, such as video, sex-related web content, as well as later on, a marital relationship proposition.

The legend formally pertained to a conclusion in July 2009 when Chandler knew that ‘Ivy’ had actually devoted self-destruction, which he will eventually reference in the Sonichu comic as a memorial to her.

Fluid Chris/ Kacey Sagas.

Fluid Chris was actually a giant that looked in overdue June of 2009, professing that Chandler was actually an imitator as well as that he was actually the actual Chandler. After a 2 month lengthy duration of lack of exercise, Fluid’s at the opportunity meant partner Kacey took care of to get call along with Chandler, as well as made believe to virtually be actually deceived through Chandler right into going to his property. She acted to crack up along with Fluid till she “discovered” that Chandler was actually fooling her.

Asperchu/ CWCipedia Legends.

On January 19, 2010, Chandler uploaded a twelve-page part of Sonichu including the Asperchu personalities certainly not just being actually conserved coming from Alec, yet additionally being actually spun and rewrite in to variations of on their own much less disparaging to Chandler, along with a demand asserting that these manifestations were actually currently Asperchu canon. Chandler very soon asked forgiveness for the problem he was actually creating.

The Surfshack Tito and also CWC Expatriation Sagas.

In March of 2010, Chandler sought to detach themself coming from the Web. He was actually relatively gone, Chandler was actually, in truth, still about, consulting with however one more prospective sweetheart (observe listed below), posturing as a giant called “JenkinsJinkies” on the CWCki, as well as submitting different computer animations for Flipnote Workshop. This legend finished in overdue August, when 3 video clips dripped of Chandler damaging his PlayStation 3.

Jackie/ Tomgirl Sagas.

Jacklyn “Jackie” Romy was actually a giant that exemplified herself via a phony pen names nicknamed “Jackie” alonged with a photo of an undisclosed women extracted from a collection of amateur grown-up pictures (revealed listed below, left behind). Chandler to begin with entered into exposure to her in April of 2010, and also both matched using e-mail for many full weeks throughout the month. During the course of this duration, Jackie uncovered Chandler’s on the web visibility, which wound up in to a video clip on April 21st where Chandler explains what sex-related shows he will carry out on her (presented listed below, right).

Revolted through his appearing to be aversion to be actually in a dependable connection, Jackie violated off interaction along with Chandler till July. The Jackie legend finished after Chandler ceased answering to her e-mails at the end of the very same month, as well as to a lot of it is actually still vague whether “Jackie” was actually an on the web monster acting to be actually a women curious in Chandler or even if she really was actually genuine.

Over the training program of August, Chandler helped make a collection of video recordings, called the “Phoning Out” collection, in an effort to acquire giants to say sorry to him; just Surfshack Tito satisfied his needs. The Tomgirl Legend finished in September along with the fatality of Chandler’s papa, Robert Chandler.

Video Game Area Legend.

Coming from times as early as 2002 to 2008, some of Chandler’s beloved spots to hang around in Charlottesville was actually the nearby pastime as well as video game shop, the Video game Area, had through Michael Snyder. Chandler took pleasure in pertaining to the outlet considering that they marketed computer game and also exchanging memory cards, as well as kept every week events of the Pokemon Investing Memory Card Activity which Chandler, at that time, possessed a rate of interest in. It is actually additionally where he fulfilled Megan as well as came to be close friends along with her just before the tournaments of the ED legend happened.

During the course of his opportunity at the Video game Spot, Chandler will repetitively be actually notified through the shop’s personnel as well as Michael themself for several actions as well as happenings he induced, featuring bigotry, screaming at kids, bad gamesmanship in memory card video games as well as video recording activities, and also interfering with the buying take in of various other consumers. This details was actually uncovered through 2 monsters under the pen names of Mimms and also Lucas, that experienced seeing the actions in person when Chandler was actually a frequenter.

In August 2008, Chandler was actually formally prohibited coming from the retail store through Snyder and also was actually lawfully certainly not permitted ahead back, which would certainly lead Chandler to entice as well as attempt Snyder to strike his restriction through regularly delivering e-mails to him, attempting to infiltrate the shop on its own as well as creating apology video recordings with his YouTube stations at the moment, fruitless.

On Oct 28 2011, Chandler as well as his mom, Barbara ‘Shaft’ Chandler, were actually apprehended under the accusation that they had actually been actually making an effort to attack Michael along with their automobile. Chandler was actually penalized to social work, one year of trial and also necessary psychological therapy on July 10 2012, 9 months after the first event took place.


On February second, 2015, YouTuber sachumo submitted a video recording entitled “Chris Chan Docudrama,” recording the private lifespan and also on the internet record of Chandler (revealed listed below). Within pair of years, the video clip acquired over 1.08 thousand sights as well as 9,000 reviews.


On Oct 9th, Chandler published a video clip reviewing the Patreon webpage (revealed listed below). As of Nov 2017, the Patreon accumulates $610 every month coming from 27 customers.

PewDiePie Online video.

On Nov 9th, 2017, YouTuber PewDiePie submitted an online video entitled “Cease Messing up Sonic,” through which he explains Chandler and also Sonichu (revealed listed below). That time, the video recording was actually accepted the “Christian Weston Chandler” online forum on Kiwi Farms.

Personal Lifestyle.

Chandler was actually birthed on February 24, 1982 in Charlottesville, Virginia as well as was actually reared in Ruckersville, Virginia for the seniority of his lifestyle. In March of 2000, Chandler produced the Sonichu personality after he was actually certainly not permitted to utilize copyrighted laws personalities in an university venture, rather incorporating pair of preexisting personalities to make an “initial” personality. After earning a degree coming from higher university, Chandler registered at Peidmont Virginia Area University, inevitably acquiring a partners level in Computer-Aided Creating and also Layout.

Chandler, annoyed through the representation of the Sonichu world in Jimmy Hillside’s variation (Sonichu as a homosexual, Chandler as a heinous robotic, and so on), as effectively as the meant stealing of his job, resolved him a number of opportunities. During the course of this duration, Jackie found Chandler’s internet existence, which wound up in to a video clip on April 21st where Chandler explains what sex-related shows he would certainly execute on her (revealed listed below, right).

The Jackie legend finished after Chandler ceased answering to her e-mails at the end of the very same month, and also to several it is actually still not clear whether “Jackie” was actually an internet giant claiming to be actually a women curious in Chandler or even if she in fact was actually actual.

The Tomgirl Legend finished in September along with the fatality of Chandler’s dad, Robert Chandler.

Chandler appreciated arriving to the shop since they marketed video recording activities as well as investing memory cards, and also secured once a week events of the Pokemon Exchanging Memory Card Video Game which Chandler, at the opportunity, possessed an enthusiasm in.

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