nerd burglar

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nerd burglar
One who steals other people’s intangibles like personal pictures, spreadsheets, etc. left on a website in a private directory not meant to be shared with the public. Different from hacking it implies no or very little skill needed on their part.
You really can’t leave stuff out on the internet unencrypted anymore, all the nerd burglars will grab it.

Nerd burglars got the video of that one time… and now it’s on youtube.

nerd burglar: define #2
1)A reference to someone who is both a nerd and a turdburglar

2)A nerdy person who is annoying

3)A nerdy person who has sex in the anus, thus having direct access to turds (sometimes stealing them)
Grant is such a nerdburglar.
nerd burglar: define #3
nerd burglar
a person who fakes being nerdy, just to be a jackass and act like they are intelligent.
Male : I am so smart I could have used a pocket protector in grade school.

Female: Whatever you nerd burglar! You don’t know shit and failed 8th grade with a tutor…

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