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Definition 1: The main character in The world ends with you
Definition 2. Someone who is really really emo
For Definition 1. Neku is my favorite character in The World Ends With You!

For Definition 2.

Person 1: I’m so depressed…

Person 2: Oh come on, don’t be such a Neku.

Neku: define #2
A term used to describe someone, preferably a young bilingual Asian male, as an anime-loving weeaboo. People who are known as “nekus” tend to be very hypocritical in nature. They are associated with the popular Nintendo game, “The World Ends With You.”
Person 1: Ugh! I rather suicide from my death brother!

Person 2: What the heck, dude?! Don’t be such a neku!
Neku: define #3
A german that lag switches.
Wow, that Neku just lag switched me.
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