nai nai

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nai nai
go sleep
in hawaii it is a term used in reference to going to sleep
ho bra…

last night was just shi shi, nai nai.

so tired…
nai nai: define #2
To go to sleep fo little keeds. Pidgin English Origins
You like go nainai, wit me? naked.
nai nai: define #3
A fun, loving outgoing person. Shy at first but not afraid to put you in your place. Once Nai-Nai rocking with you heavy it’s hard to gain her loyalty back. Nai-Nai is a good friend and fights for who and what she loves. Nai-Nai can not be replaced.
I wish I had a friend like Nai-Nai. She a real rider.
nai nai: define #4
nai nai
sexy bitch with a sassy attitude.
when a girl walks by with her heels on! nai nai!
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