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A gentleman , who’s unique . . Once he loves, he loves with his all with no doubt . He would risk his life for you. He has an amazing personality with the most loving heart ever . He’ll always be your shoulder to cry on and your extra ear to listen no matter what. He would never judge you . And his the super hero every girl would love to have .
Mohammed is a kind and generous gentleman
Mohammed: define #2
A person you cannot say anything bad about or you get blown up. You also cannot draw him or you get blown up also.
Urban dictionary has censored all negative descriptions about mohammed/mohammad/muhammed/muhammad for fear of being blown up.
Mohammed: define #3
Mohammed is a really Fun a Lovable person he has a nice personality, A lot of good ideas and He’s really hot And gets all the Femals And loves Sports
I wanna Mohammed in my life
Mohammed: define #4
The dude whom it is forbidden to draw. No cartoons! Causes rioting and discord. Strange.
Man! Did you see those crazy ragheads rioting over those silly cartoons of mohammed?
Mohammed: define #5
A mohammed is a generic name for a taxi or taxi driver in a major US city i.e. NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia etc. As a large number of cab drivers are either named mohammed or are islamic.
Bob – Dude where are all of the mohammeds? I am in a hurry to get downtown.

Ted – Dude, they’re all praying or something…it’s a holy day or something.

Mohammed: define #6
50% av befolkningen i förorterna väster om Stockholm
Person 1: Eyyyy Mohammed!

Halva orten: Va äre bror?
Mohammed: define #7
mohammed is an islamic prophet of God
Mohammed was the historical founder of the religion of Islam, considered by Muslims to be the last messenger and prophet of God
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