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-A varient of Melissa. A feminine Greek name. Means Honey bee. Comes form Ancient greek Melitta.
-In Greek mythology Melissa is the name of one of the nymphs that helped save Zeus from his father, Cronus. She hid him in the hills and fed him milk from Amalthea and honey. When Cronus discovered this, he turned her into a worm. After Zeus came into power, he changed her into a queen bee, not being able to change her from an insect form.
-It is the name of the fairy who helps Rogero escape from the witch Alcina in Ludovico Ariosto’s poem ‘Orlando Furioso’ (1516).
-There is also a kind of plant called Melissa, (melissa officinalis)commonly called lemon balm.
-Melissan is a really nice girl.

-Lemon balm is good in tea

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