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A beautiful girl who will immediately capture your heart and make you fall head-over-heels in love with her. She is small enough to fit in your pocket and has wild and curly hair. She has an infectious smile and will instantly make you feel better the moment you see her or you talk to her. Who ever is graced with her presence is truly the luckiest person in the world.
I love you Mara
Mara: define #2
She is the funniest breed of female out there. She is crazy and will never cease to amaze you. She may have some relationship problems because of all of the guys who want her 😉 And she has an amazing ass.

She like to talk a lot, but will always be there for you when you need her most. If you ever manage to get one, never let her go cuz she is the sweetest, nicest, most beautiful person you will ever meet

“You’re such a Mara!”

“Thanks!! :D”
Mara: define #3
Hands down the most amazing person I’ll ever meet.

She can lighten up you day with one of her beautiful captivating smiles. When she looks at you with that smile and those eyes its easy to find yourself lost. Her eyes are brilliant pools of brown and once you’ve seen them you’ll never want to look away. But her body. Holy shit. She is so fckin sexy that she can fill you with lust in seconds. She is so hot that she made the sun jealous. She is the most caring, kind hearted, beautiful, captivating, fun, smart, bright, strong, understanding, puzzling, attractive, adorable person I have ever met. She is the kind of person that you’d be crazy for. There are seven billion different people with seven billion different smiles and I was lucky enough to meet the the girl with the most amazing one. There aren’t enough words in the 6,500 languages to describe how beautiful she is. If you ever meet her your life will be so much better. Mara is perfect.

Mara stole my heart. No refunds.
Mara: define #4
Well what can I say?

She is such an amazing person in so many ways. This girl is someone you can trust and talk to. She is sooo beautiful in the inside and out. If you meet her get to know her. Before you know it you’ll already want to be her best friend.
The most realist friend I’ve had would be Mara. She is a positive person and I can’t say anything else to describe it.
Mara: define #5
The greatest person you will ever meet. Not only is she sexy but she is also strange and weird in the best way, which makes her unique to all those who are lucky enough to have her as a friend. The stories she has to tell are unlke any you have heard making her as interesting as the picture of kitties she has in her possession. And on top of all that she has a nice ass.
She is such a mara.
Mara: define #6
-mad sexy

-a rare breed of woman that exudes sexiness and a scent of pure loveliness

-a goddess

-men wildly crave her

-brilliant in every way

-breaks hearts of men, leaving them begging for more

-complete wild child

-men dream about constantly

-absolutely irresistible

Guy 1 “Man, I met a Mara at a party last night. She was unbelievable.”

Guy 2 “A Mara?! No way, man. Every guy wants a Mara.”

Guy 1 “It was insane.”

Guy 2 “I bet. I wish I was you last night!”

Mara: define #7
The best name on earth.
Myself, Mara Wilson, Marigolds.
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