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Maialen is a girl who tunr up her male tutor using her naturaly sweet and her innate and own unknown seduction skills. Her actions are not evil. In fact, she corrects and prevents any provacación if she detects the feelings she is giving birth in the other person. Actually she is a toddler learning to be a woman.
Worker 1: “my last intern turn me up so hard”

Worker2: “Take it esasy, she is just a maialen”

Worker1: “Sure, but I try to having sex with her anyway”
maialen: define #2
A Maialen has two sides. A sweet, loving side, and an irritating side. We love Maialens, but they aren’t always one sided. You are very lucky to know a Maialen since she will love unconditionally and her heart will be broken but she won’t tell you a thing. She absolutely LOVES to have deep talks because she will listen and talk and you will love her in ways that can’t be expressed in enough numbers, words, or anything. Consider yourself lucky to have a Maialen as a friend.
“Daaaaaaaaaamnnn there goes Maialen. She’s so hot dude.”

“Back off dude, she is Mau’s chick.”

“Wish she was mine”

“Yeah me too”

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