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An amazing girl usually from the state of California.
Enjoys tacos, and other various snacks.
Enjoys biting, licking, and rawring.
Great in bed. Beyond sexy.
“Wow, she’s awesome. That girl is such a Maiah.”
Maiah: define #2
A very strong, beautiful, and independent woman 💕 she has a kind heart and is loving towards. She usually is close to god and very intelligent ( she just doesn’t know it) not many Maiah’s In the world so she’s one of a kind. Very hard to get, but if you get her hold on to her.
Hey who’s that?

That’s Maiah, she’s for keeps

Maiah: define #3
A girl who is beautiful sporty and musical. Love food especially tacos and pizza. She has a great personality and sense of humour. Good at most sports and playing piano
That girl is such a maiah
Maiah: define #4
a funny girl who enjoys whipping her hair like willow smith. beyond adorable. gets thrown out of parties for her sass and often attends rainbow parties. she likes to wear the orange lipstick.
That Maiah was whippin her hair at the rainbow party
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