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Mactards are people who fall prey to Apple’s advertisements, failing to see they are the victims of ploys to get them to pay for a logo rather than superior products.
You might be a mactard if…

1.) You bought a Mac to be different, just like everyone else buying a Mac.

2.) You believe the half truths of Apple’s advertisements.

3.) You believe some one else who believes the half truths of Apple’s advertisements.

4.) You think the iPad is a “magical and revolutionary” device when in fact such devices have been around for years.

5.) You think the price of an iPad is unbelievable because it is low rather than ridiculously high.

6.) If you think clicking the right mouse is hard, but using esoteric key combinations to get the same behaviors out of a one button mouse is some how easier.

7.) You prefer form over function, bought a Mac and got neither.

8.) You switched to a Mac because you thought Windows was proprietary…

9.) You feel penalized because most apps won’t run on your Mac after you bought a Mac with full knowledge that most apps won’t run on a Mac.

10.) You insist on using Safari because it is “secure”, in spite of the fact it has been shown to be the most insecure browser on a Mac. (Apple is learning from Microsoft on how to make in house browsers…)

and one to grow on:

11.) You have to think of a way to justify any of the aforementioned ways to know you are a mactard.

mactard: define #2
Apple device user who believes doggedly in the superiority of anything produced by Apple but lacks any actual technical knowledge. Mactards have no idea how computers actually work and eventually lose all ability to operate even the most rudimentary technological devices because they lack Apple’s look-and-feel.
Friend 1: Why is the TV still on?

Friend 2: Oh, that’s my roommate; he’s a Mactard and can’t figure out the remote.


Mactard: <swiping thumb across flashlight> Why won’t this unlock?
mactard: define #3
Mac users who think they are better than people who use PCs, and think they know everything about Macs, but in reality don’t know much about anything and just like feeling superior to others.

Windows User in Mac Lab: “Dude, this is so annoying, every time I touch the sides of the mouse it keeps spreading all of my windows out.”

Mac User: “Oh, here you can turn that off in System Preferences. Let me show you.”

Mactard: “HAHA! The PC has made you dumb. Expose is the best thing to grace this planet, you just don’t know how to use it cause you’re dumb!”

Windows User and Mac User: “STFU ALREADY DUDE.”

mactard: define #4
An Apple computer user who takes any opportunity to advertise to the world they are ‘better’ than everyone else because they use a mac, even if this statement has nothing to do with the current conversation.
User 1> Does anyone know why my P4 is having heat issues when I use (program)?

Mactard> HaHa Use a mac!! My mac is better than you’re PC anyday! I am so cool because i have an iPod!

User 1> Anyone else? Anyone who isn’t a mactard?
mactard: define #5
A mac user who has no understanding of computer hardware, engineering or what makes computers fast, and thinks their mac is the best computer ever because it has a finely polished GUI.

mactard:My mac is soo fast because it uses all of its resources to render the shadows on my window buttons.

Listener: Wow. You are mactard.

mactard: define #6
Someone who paid twice as much for a computer that does half of what a PC can do. Incapable of admitting this error, they weave an elaborate fiction, believing that they are unique and special snowflakes, when in fact they must slavish bond together with other logo-obsessed narcissists to reinforce their collective delusion of superiority.
Noticing that my home built PC lacked an Apple logo, the group of mactards snickered into their identical iMacs and began praying in unison to the Almighty Steve.
mactard: define #7
A computer user who has forgotten (or is ignorant of) the true purpose of the computers existence. A mactard is oblivious to the fact that the computer is a tool for doing legitimate work but is enamored by how cool his MAC looks.
mactard to windows user:

“hey dude check this out, I have 60,000 pictures in this folder and iMistakenIdentity has identified my face in 20,000 of them. Check this out….oh, that’s my brothers naked butt….wait check this one out….oops that’s not me either – how did that get in there. Hang on I’ll find a picture that has me in it.

windows user to mactard:

So where are you at with the sales report for the CEO?

mactard to windows user:

I haven’t started my PC yet. Hey come check out this new song by lil-weeny.

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