Machine Gun Kelly

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Machine Gun Kelly
A young, white rapper from Cleveland, Ohio. Has had 2 mix tapes; 100 Words and Running and Lace Up. He is not famous all over the US yet, however has an extremely strong fan base in Ohio who all believe that hes gonna blow up realllll sooon.
Have you heard Machine Gun Kelly’s new shit?? Its awesome.
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Machine Gun Kelly
MGK is a hip hop rockstar icon in the making. He is a rapper from Cleveland, Ohio. He is the hardest they come. He’s a rager. He’s a wild boy. He’s an underdog. He’s a hometown hero. He’s a CLE boy. He’s a father. He’s the founder of Lace Up university. He’s an est mufucka. For the fans, MGK is our religion. Est is the team. Lacing the fuck up is what we do. If you havent heard of him you soon will. Tell the world to Lace Up!
Machine Gun Kelly made the world put on their chucks and lace the fuck up.
Machine Gun Kelly: define #3
Machine Gun Kelly
If you don’t know who the fuck he is then Lace the Fuck Up EST Biiiitch.
I went to Cleveland last night and Machine Gun Kelly kicked me in the balls with his fresh new laced up chuck taylors and it reaaallllly hurt.
Machine Gun Kelly: define #4
A faggot with terrible lyrics who thinks he can square up with eminem but his arms are just too short to box with god
Fuck off machinegunkelly
Machine Gun Kelly: define #5
Machine Gun Kellyname
One of the best white rappers out there, holllllla!
Dude, you hear Machine Gun Kelly’s song ‘ Cleveland ‘ ? It goes hard!
Machine Gun Kelly: define #6
Machine Gun Kellyname
Marshal Gonna Killme
Machine gun kelly
Machine Gun Kelly: define #7
Machine Gun Kelly
A dude who’ll probably get killed by Em in a diss track. I respect both of them,but this might be the best Hip/hop beef we ever seen. *Fireee*
Mgk will destroy Em. No dude,Em will destroy MGK. And it will be a loop. Machine gun kelly, rapper from Cleveland.
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