mac envy

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mac envy
The delusonary state of mind that Mac owners are in which leads them to believe Mac is better than PC.
Clearly daskos99 has Mac Envy because daskos99’s definition of the phrase has more ‘vote downs’ than ‘vote ups’
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Mac Envy
A phrase used by Mac fanboys who want to believe all PC users are jealous of their having spent an automobile’s worth of income on a computer made for people who are too simple to maintain a PC without it crashing every five minutes. In line with their usual vain sentiments, it’s their way of further ascribing false superiority they think they attained upon draining their bank account to purchase an overpriced Macbook, iPad, iPhone and every other Apple device to solidify their sheepish loyalty. A typical logical fallacy, they need to assume others are jealous to justify their purchases and feel better.
All losers with a Windows or Linux PC just have Mac Envy over my awesome Macbook Air and accompanying iPad and iPhone 4. I love spending money to try to show how awesome I am. Now why can’t I replace this faulty battery?
mac envy: define #3
mac envy
A term describing how self-important pricks justify paying two grand for a computer because it’s painted in soft colors and has a nice brand logo on the back of it. They believe trotting the thing out to the local cafe will instill mac envy in everybody whose mommy and daddy didn’t buy them one, but ultimately just look like complete assholes.
Andy brought his new Macbook Pro to the local Starbucks so he could watch people go green with mac envy, but couldn’t afford anything there because he spent 1,300 bucks on a goddamned computer.
mac envy: define #4
mac envy
1.) The only emotion to go unrecorded in history since nobody has ever envied a mac-owner for their overpriced etchasketch.
New Mac Owner: Hey dude, I got a Mac! Feeling any mac envy?

PC Owner: LOL WUT?!?

mac envy: define #5
mac envy
When someone hates their PC so much they’re willing to pay $3,000+ for the same PC with an Apple Logo and OSX pre-installed. (Pro-tip: you can install OSX on pretty much any computer)
Man, my PC has been crashing all the time. I think it has a trojan.

Have you considered getting a mac?

Nah, I don’t have the cash to satisfy my mac envy. I think I’m gonna try Linux

mac envy: define #6
Mac Envy
A made up state of mind created by Mac owners to feed their disillusion that having an overpriced and largely unused computer is better then having a PC. It is similar to a hipster talking about how their music is better because no one listens to it.
Mac: My $2000 Macbook Air fits into a manila envelope, bet you have Mac Envy.

PC: It doesnt even come with a CD drive installed…

Mac: Yeah but look at how awesome Photoshop is.

PC: Arent you running Boot Camp?

Mac: Yeah but you still have Mac Envy!

PC: Alright dude…
mac envy: define #7
Mac Envy
What Mac users imagine exists in PC users
Mac Envy is an imaginary state whereby Mac users tyr to justify the selling of their souls to Steve
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