lubbock, texas

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lubbock, texascollege
home to the best college available, Texas Tech!
lubbock, texas is like drunk sex: you’re out before you even realize you’re in.
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lubbock, texas
the crappiest town omg! full of backwards thinking white trashy rednecks or semi rich kids but obviously if they were that rich they wouldnt be living in the middle of nowhere!

sad little place only known for “texas tech” haha thats all this place has also full of slutts and weird as shit people and not the good weird. i almost feel bad for anyone who has to live there everyone in a sense is so politically correct its pathetic…..cops everywhere you cant get away with anything, a shitty ass mall,dirt and cotton everywhere.

this place sucks do not go here! you might breathe in an std hah!

texas guy: i like wearing cowboy boots.

new york kid: wtf? just cuz you live in texas doesant mean you have to be a redneck.

texas guy: i’m from lubbock texas!

new york kid: even worse this place is s speck of dirt compared to houston or austin the only places worth visiting here….im outa here.

lubbock, texas=shit

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