Lower Slobbovian Prostitute

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Lower Slobbovian Prostitute
Lower Slobbovia is a that country with that accent that nobody can quite understand.. kind of like Borat, but a little Russian in it, and a little Scottish maybe. it is located near neither Finland nor Croatia.
Now, Lower Slobbovian prostitutes are the worst kind of prostitutes. they have been trained from a VERY early age to be the best prostitutes in the world.heres a list of things that makes a Lower Slobbovian prostitute:
-whole country is red light district. prostitution is not only legal, it is the number one business in whole country!
-they are given absolutely NO rights.
-they dont even have kneecaps(they are constantly on their hands and knees)
-they dont have a ring finger, for obvious reasons. (think about it..)
-they actually pay YOU after sex.
-their eyesight it poor because they are constantly getting stuff in their eyes.
-They were never taught any form of communication. they dont understand any language, they respond only to clapping of the hands.Like the popular and over-used joke, “thats what she said”, there are many jokes like this in Lower Slobbovia using Lower SLobbovian prostitutes as the butt end of the joke, making ANYTHING sexual, much like “thats what she said.” here are some examples:

*Andrew is running on the sidewalk and then slides for a couple feet on an ice patch then falls*

Aaron: “Wow, Andrew! You slide further and fell harder than the Lower Slobbovian prostitute!”


Matt: “How did you find that history test Hayden?”

Hayden: “It was SO hard!”

Matt: “That’s what the Lower Slobbovian prostitute would have said if she was given rights to speak!”


John: “Ah, I’ve got an eyelash in my eye!”

Zach: “Go flush your eye out with water quick!”

Andrew: “You know who has to wash their eyes out? Lower Slobbovian prostitute!”

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